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Quick Tips on Period Home Renovations

Period homes instantly strike a chord of warmth in our hearts, leaving us that nostalgic feeling, stirring deep emotions of fun, play and sometimes even deeper and stronger memories of the days gone by. Heritage homes are not far from challenges and have several limitations that need consideration from appropriate methods of renovation to gaining the approvals and sanctions of a council and other regulatory authorities. Then there are the challenges of agreement over amalgamating a modern looking renovation with a heritage design or working with a heritage look alike extension to the original building.

There is also another factor to consider with period home renovations, which is the use of energy within the existing structure and what are the appropriate ways to ensure that energy that is used is both efferent and reusable. Heating membranes can be deployed along with solar charged panels to produce electricity. Rainwater harvesting can be installed to provide water for laundry work and flushing of waste into the chambers towards the treatment plant too.

Period home renovations
Period home renovations

There are two ways to approach for period home renovations:

Option 1 – Restore the original period home and build it back to its earlier splendor and style

Option 2 – Go contemporary in style, add newer parts to the heritage building, add an extra bedroom, children room or even a home theater within.

Whatever the option may be, this decision needs to be made early and stuck to till the planned renovation is completed.  There is often a cost bearing on each of the choices that one would make, and it should be kept in mind that the costs on such projects are approximately 50 percent premium depending on what needs to be added.

Some would also throw in the option of having two designs both contemporary and heritage, with the exterior of the building and some main parts to hold the heritage look and the other living spaces to have a lightweight construction with flatter roofs and sliding windows.

Study and research – This part of the renovation is likely to take longer and would be immensely rewarding and joyful too. The fact that history could churn out so much to offer as ideas to your period home renovations would surprise you over and above your expectations.

  • You should start the process by talking to the previous owners of the home and try to go back to the oldest owner that you could learn of. This will not only enhance your knowledge of the home, it will present a different character and perspective of the heritage home. Take time to visit recycling suppliers and study similar period homes in the neighborhood, this could be a great learning experience.
  • Look for local history and heritage advisers, there would be art emporiums and societies that have photograph collections that could be looked and studied upon.
Period home renovations
Period home renovations

Finding professional help – You should look for professional help for period home renovations. They should be able to provide you with guidance on every little detail that will pronounce the authenticity and the style that goes along with it. From color schemes for the home renovation to the material that needs to be used, professionals have an idea in almost every aspect. Whether it’s going to be the asbestos that you would need to deploy or use of particular paints to bring existing structures to life. There are many other choices that need inputs from experienced professionals that include the garden and plant choices, to the wall hanging paintings to decorate the interiors.

While period home renovations need taste and proper guidance, there is good amount of work required in preparation, before signing a contract for professional help. This involves a lot of work and is not limited to gaining access to couple of professional quotations for the project.


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