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Always Rely on A Professional Arborist with Regards to Tree Removal

You should always rely on a professional arborist and tree removal service when you require removing a tree from your premise. The procedure of tree removal is complex and needs special attention as it is a hazardous undertaking. It also requires specialized equipment and tools. Proper safety measures should be followed, and risks of damages caused to property and life should be minimized which only a highly trained and professional individual can follow and deliver.

Tree Removal
Tree Removal

A professional arborist will follow the process step by step and as required by the set standards of such process. A thorough inspection will be conducted on the damaged or problem causing a tree to determine whether removal of the tree is really necessary. If so, the surrounding objects will also be considered that might cause a hindrance to the execution of the project. These objects include power cables, gas and water supply lines underground, neighbouring buildings and much more.

Make the Right Decision  

Before hiring any contractor for tree removal, you should consider a few points to ensure that you are making the right and best decision that will benefit you as well as the tree. You must know that trees are very useful and protected by the government and therefore tree removal should be your last resort. Remember, necessary permits are required from the relevant authorities for such removal jobs and such removal may also negatively affect the value and beauty of your property. You will actually be disrupting the local ecology with such removal and therefore it is paramount that you consult with a certified and reputable arborist before commencing with the job.

Importance of Hiring the Specialist

It is necessary to know that any person moving with a truck and a chainsaw is not a certified and specialist arborist. It is important that you choose the right person so that you do not miss out on the other favorable options that may be available other than removing the tree. An arborist will diagnose and treat several problems that may have required cutting it down otherwise.

Tree Removal
Tree Removal Service Provider

Time for Removal 

Therefore, the arborist will know when it is the right time for tree removal. There are six signs that should be followed while making such a decision and all should start from the roots before working the way up during inspection. These signs include:

  • Heaving soil at the base
  • Decay-producing fungi
  • Chipped or peeling bark
  • Cavities in the trunk
  • Dead or hanging branches
  • Fine twigs without living buds

If any or all of these signs are seen in the tree it is only then you will be suggested to hire a certified contractor for tree removal.

Hiring the Service Pro 

You should interview the professional for tree removal and include a few questions of relevance during such sessions and those are:

  • Can they provide a copy of license and insurance as any hesitance should be a red flag?
  • Can they provide you with a list of references?
  • Will they give you an estimate?
  • What is included in the cost
  • Duration of the process What kind of equipment will be used for the process
  • Do they want down payment, if so avoid them?
Tree Removal
Arborist Remove the Tree

Get Down to The Specifics 

As needs vary from person to person you should get down to the basics when you hire a professional for tree removal service. Pricing is a big deal and therefore you should know about their pricing policy. Some may charge on the height of the tree while others may charge an hourly basis. Know what is included in the price and be specific with travelling, cleaning and other charges to finalize.


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