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What Are the Advantages of Evaporative Cooling System?

Evaporative cooling is one of the oldest methods of cooling and their existence dates back to many centuries. So, is it possible for such a conventional form of cooling to provide any benefits as compared to the advanced and innovative alternatives that have made their way into the markets during recent times? Absolutely, yes! From being environmentally friendly to maintaining optimal temperatures indoors, these wonder units have the ability to do it all. In addition to that, latest technological advancements have revamped their design, which makes them more efficient than ever.

Evaporative Cooling

Know More About Evaporative Cooling:

Do you remember the chills that you sensed after swimming on a hot sunny day? Or, simply dipping your hands in water and then blowing air on them, feeling a form of cooling sensation when the water begins to evaporate – this is the science behind evaporative cooling. These units have the capability of recreating the natural process of evaporation by offering a constant flow of water that refreshes the hot air and blows a cool and soothing breeze.

Earlier, these coolers where called swamp coolers as most of them were known for their higher moisture content that was released into the air to create a comfortable atmosphere. However, with time, these units were engineered to perfection and renamed as evaporative coolers, whilst keeping their mechanisms in mind.

Evaporative Cooling

The Benefits of Using Evaporative Coolers:

Now that you are aware how evaporative coolers work and what makes them so popular, let’s focus on their key benefits that will help you understand whether they should be a part of the cooling system of your home or not.

1. Inexpensive

The various expenses that are associated with the installation of evaporative coolers are meagre as compared to that of any other methods of cooling. Even the most expensive form of evaporative cooling units that you find are about one-third of the value of other cooling systems and this is the reason why it turns out to be a budget-friendly option that everyone can avail. Besides the cost of the system, its maintenance and repairs are equally affordable too.

2. Minimal Operational Costs

Another important benefit of these cooling units is that they are able to reduce the cost of operation of cooling systems significantly. With the help of these systems:

  • You pay about 50% less of your monthly utility bills even during the peak months of summer
  • You get to save electricity, as regular air conditioners need quite a lot of power as compared to the evaporative ones.

3. Fresh Air

An evaporative cooler is a primitive cooler that freshens the air every time you use it. This is something that decreases the stagnation of airflow and eliminates the chances of fungal or bacterial infestation. Further, the cooling method improves humidity of the targeted areas, which can turn out to be quite beneficial when you live in a dry and hot climate. Some of the evaporative cooling units also have the ability to get rid of ozone contaminants, thereby making these systems a boon in disguise.

4. Easy Maintenance

As stated before, the design of evaporative coolers is not that complex and that is why you can maintain the applications without any complications. There are only two important components of the system and they are the motor and the fan. The motor is meant to power the equipment so that it is able to circulate water while the fans blow air, thereby refreshing the atmosphere. Moreover, the parts are not that expensive, so if any problem arises you can fix them at the earliest or replace them with a new one almost effortlessly.


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