Dentists are Friends to Our Healthy Oral Health

Oral issues and dental complaints are not very uncommon these days. Our poor eating habits and lifestyle threaten our oral and dental health, which in turn can eventually challenge our overall well being. Dentists are often visited when a problem has already started disturbing our oral health. But prevention is better then cures and you need to consult with your dentist every month to prevent any oral problems.

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Basically, teeth infections and bacterial effects cannot be seen at the initial stage and you could not find the issue at the first stage. You need to go through a regular check-up and a professional dentist can easily find the probable problem and solve them quickly.

Who is a Dentist?

A dentist is a medical professional whose primary responsibility is to cater to the oral health needs and address dental issues of the patients. They receive medical training and acquire medical qualification especially to be able to identify, prevent, cure and provide the remedy for the dental complaints and oral issues of people. Apart from that, you can also find some dental and cosmetic surgeons who can do the small surgery in your dental and they can also help you to fix your uneven teeth and facial settings.

How Many Types of Dentists are There?

#1 General Dentist – Also known as Family Dentists who carry out regular oral health care services. This happens to be the most common type of dentists. Dental services availed from them includes dental cleanings, dental X-rays, repairing cracked, chipped, or missing teeth, and whitening services.

#2 Endodontist – They are concerned with the study and treatment of the dental pulp. The inner part of the tooth below the gum line is called Pulp. This type of dentist becomes important to approach when the dental pulp gets damaged, inflamed, or rotten through injury, trauma, or decay. They can provide you the proper medication for these dental issues and they can also help you prevent such problems in future.

#3 Orthodontist – They are the ones who can install braces on your teeth. This type of dentist provide dental services like correcting misaligned teeth, jaw bones, and other supporting facial structures for cosmetic and also functional reasons. If you want to wear the braces to fix your uneven dental settings then you can consult with them.

#4 Pediatric Dentist or Periodontist – This type of dentist deals primarily with children’s teeth. An array of oral and dental care needs of children, from birth through adolescence, are taken care of by them.

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#5 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon – The hard and soft tissues found in and around the mouth, if ever becomes the source of the reason of pain or disturbance, then dental surgeon should be approached by the sufferer. The tissues include the gums, cheeks, lips, hard palate, soft palate, tongue, and facial tissues. They are the ones who perform more invasive surgeries than other dental professionals.

#6 Periodontist – If anyone has got issues with gums, then this type of dentist should be approached by them. This dentist type is concerned with preventing, diagnosing, and treating various gum issues. This dentist type can treat extreme gum inflammation and pain, can diagnose and treat extreme gum disease or periodontal disease, install dental implants and perform cosmetic skin grafting on gums.

#7 Prosthodontist – They can help your decayed and damaged teeth get replaced flawlessly for cosmetic as well as functional benefits. They are responsible for providing oral prostheses that replace damaged, decayed, or missing teeth.

So before consulting a dentist, you need to check their specialized areas and you must check their certification and experience. A dentist who has got reputation in the service line and confidence of many people should be approached.


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