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3 Mistakes that Should be Avoided at Any Costs While Designing a Kitchen

The kitchen is the center for a lot of home activities and that makes it a hub for the family socializing. Most of the times, the family is found talking about the day in the kitchen and that is why you need a kitchen to be aesthetically pleasing, functional as well as comfortable enough to fit in the family. Good furniture fixtures are not enough for a kitchen to be a pleasing space for cooking. Along with well-suited furniture, you need a proper layout and kitchen design.

designs for kitchen
Designs for Kitchen

Generally, kitchen design and layout go hand in hand. To have a perfect kitchen design, the kitchen layout has to be considered. Most people must have heard about the kitchen triangle while designing a kitchen the kitchen triangle is a word coined by experts of kitchen design. In non-technical terms, a kitchen triangle is a space where there is the highest amount of activity and has to be unobstructed. In any kitchen, the refrigerator, the sink, and the stove are the 3 points which when connected form a triangle and that is defined as the kitchen triangle.

Now, experts say that the triangle so formed should be the focus of the kitchen design. This will ease up your kitchen work to a large extent. Many people think that putting in a lot of money in the kitchen remodeling project would give them a beautiful and comfortable space but that is not true. Your kitchen is no good without a good planning and layout. While planning the kitchen design, there are several mistakes that you need to avoid, ensuring that your kitchen is as comfortable as you imagined it to be.

kitchen designs melbourne
Kitchen Designs

Here Are All the Mistakes that You Need to Avoid: 

  • Obstructing or elongating the kitchen triangle: As mentioned above, the kitchen triangle is a prominent space of the kitchen. You need to make sure that all the 3 points of the kitchen triangle are accessible to each other within small distances. Ideally, the kitchen triangle should be an equilateral triangle, but in practice, you need to try to keep all the 3 sides nearly equal. Also, while making the kitchen design, you need to keep in your mind that there cannot be any fixture obstructing the kitchen triangle.
  • Not having ample counter and storage space: If you think of the kitchen activities that do not require a countertop, the list would be empty because let’s face it, you cannot work in a kitchen without a countertop. So, it is important to prioritize having the as much horizontal surface area as possible. Make sure you have ample space to work as well as house kitchen appliances on the countertop. You do not want the place to always look too cluttered. The same thing goes for storage space. You need a storage space to house your utensils, cooking tools, and cutlery. Before starting to consider kitchen designs, it is advisable to determine how much storage space would be required by you. Decide a kitchen design that can offer you the needed storage space.
  • Poor ventilation: Ventilation is extremely important in any kitchen. Even the best kitchen designs can fail if adequate ventilation is not provided within the kitchen. The strong odors of food items need to be shown a way out or else your kitchen may start to stink after a passage of time and can even pose health hazards. So, it is always recommended that you make a substantial investment in a quality ventilation system to circulate fresh air and pump out the stale air and keep the kitchen cleaner.

These 3 grave mistakes, if made while choosing a kitchen design, you can end up with a kitchen space that is neither function nor comfortable.


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