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Roller Blinds – A Dawn of New Age Blinds

People have been using blinds for several applications now. But the most basic need of any blind is to provide a shield of privacy and protection from the outside weather. With increasing demands of blinds in all buildings and properties, there are various types and sub-types of blinds introduced to people by manufacturers.

roller blinds mornington
Roller Blinds

With so many varieties of blinds available in the market, buyers are often confused with what to choose. In all this confusion, I would recommend you consider roller blinds – the most recent addition to the blinds section. The choice of roller blinds is subtle yet elegant as they are practically suitable for any style of interior decor and can fit within any budget. There are 5 types of roller blinds:

  1. Outdoor roller blinds: As the name goes, these blinds are suitable for outdoor usage. They can act as retractable shades for your patio, veranda or backyard. This is the simplest way to block off the sun’s harmful rays when the heat is too intense or let in some cool breeze when the sun is down.
  2. Fabric roller blinds: Fabric blinds have a different charm to offer to your interiors. There are innumerable color combinations and patterns available to choose from and thus, you can add a glamorous touch to your aesthetic appeal. Apart from beautifying your interiors, they also serve the cause of offering privacy and increased protection from the outside atmosphere.
  3. Kitchen roller blinds: The key issue of blinds fixed in a kitchen is that they get easily damaged due to the grease build-ups in the kitchen. But, unlike the rest of the types of blinds, roller blinds are easy to clean and remove all the grease build-up. You also have a fire repellent fabric that can ward off fire hazards in the kitchen. Due to rollers attached, operating the blinds becomes very easy in spite of the weight.
  4. Perforated roller blinds: perforated material is used as the fabric in roller blinds t to offer more functionality and versatility. This type not only wards off the harmful sun rays and offers privacy, but also increases the energy efficiency of the air conditioning appliances of the house.
  5. Blackout roller blinds: For places like studios, theatre rooms or auditoriums, you need the place to be completely dark with no sunlight penetrating inside. For such applications, roller blinds are the most suitable choice. It can keep out the sunlight completely and are highly durable as well.
roller blinds hastings
Roller Blinds for Windows

These 5 types of roller blinds have their own unique characteristics to offer. But they also have several benefits in common, which makes roller blinds the best category of blinds. All its major benefits are listed below:

  • They are highly durable and long-lasting, with high resistance to wear and tear. These blinds are known to last for at least a decade. Also, maintenance needs are low and cleaning it is a cakewalk.
  • They are easy to operate and handle. Even though roller blinds are made of the material that is heavy, the blinds are easy to operate due to the rollers. There are options for controlling them like spring assisted, operated by a chain drive, remotely operated, or fully motorized.
  • They are extremely flexible. You can fix these blinds at any place you desire and be customised to fit your needs. You can pick the types and the styles and even get a combination of two blinds in one by getting dual roller blinds. What else could you ask for?

All these facts and benefits of roller blinds are not that widespread as these blinds have arrived in the market just a few years ago. There will soon come a day when roller blinds are prevalent and preferred over all other blinds types.


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