Ensuring Security and Value Addition Through Printed Access Barriers

Access Barriers are used to provide protection from an access of unauthorized personnel to particular premises. They offer a high level of security. To maximize security, it is essential that movement of people and vehicles are monitored. In public events when it is necessary to control the crowd, printed access barriers can be used not only to control the crowd but also you can convey a message to the crowd regarding any product or the event taking place. Access barriers are designed for use in car parks, toll, traffic management and sensitive sites. Retractable printing belts are also used as printed access barriers. It is becoming a very effective way to promote your brand or include a warning or any other message. Printing can be single sided or double sided.

Printed Access Barriers for crowd control
Printed Access Barriers for crowd control

Uses of Printed access barriers

Apart from controlling the crowd and restricting the movement of vehicles, access barriers can be used to promote events like the sporting event, film premiers, marathon, and concerts. Safety of participants is ensured and chaos and is prevented. Thus, printed access barriers are very useful in all these events. They offer a great promotional opportunity and also give an aesthetic look. Printed access barriers are used also at a construction site or civil projects as a means to protect or identify the work area. They are used to delineate different areas or access zones. They are even used for site safety information and awareness.

Marketing opportunities offered by Printed access barriers

Event organizers can maximize the promotion of their events or products through printed access barriers. For the purpose custom printed access barriers, covers are very popular these days. They are highly visible, cost-effective and also are easy to set up. They are a great addition to brand solutions. A simple branding logo can be printed or even a complex design and message can be printed on access barriers covers. These prints can be applied on both the sides.

Customize printed access barriers

Custom printed access barriers are made as per the need of the event. Depending on the outdoor or indoor event they are designed. The printed access barriers may be printed in custom sizes. PVC or mesh material are mostly used to make them. With the use of signs and banners, business logo, colour scheme and fonts can be printed. You can consider air mesh in various lengths to suit your need. Air mesh is made from polyester. This makes them recyclable. This way they are environment-friendly as well. Printed access barriers are full of color photo quality and durable at the same time. Some of the printed barriers covers are transportable washable too.

Printed Access Barriers Material
Printed Access Barriers Material

There are two variations in printed access barrier banners –

  1. Single sided with polyester mesh
  2. Double-sided usually made of non-porous polyester Velcro which joins at the side to go over the fence links.

The materials used are usually lightweight so that they are easy to maneuver. Most of the access barriers are made such that they are adaptable to extreme weather conditions. Installation is easy and smooth. Air mesh is used when the PVC option is heavy. They are cost effective. You can also get the printed access barriers covers remade if old barriers do not serve the purpose anymore. You can transform dull looking barriers and give them a bright look and make them eye-catching. You can take the banners down your access barriers and store them and use them again later.

Barriers for car parks are made of corrosion resistant material, zinc plating is also done. According to the measurements and desired design, you can get a quote from different sellers.


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