Decorative Your Garden with River Rocks

River rocks refer to a variety of rocks that have been rounded and worn by the movement of water rushing over it. The movement of current dashes rocks against each other. They are found in streambeds and beaches in a range of size color and texture. Beach pebbles and river rocks are distinct information and appearance.

River Rocks
River Rocks
  • Comparatively, the beach pebbles form as the water of the ocean washes over loose rock particles and makes the rocks smooth and rounded in appearance. On the other hand, river rocks or inland pebbles are found on the shores of large rivers and near lakes. The flowing water of the river brings it from one place to another.
  • Besides, the flowing water washes over the rocks in the bottom of the rivers and on the shores. The color could be anything from white to black or shades of red green yellow and brown. The river rocks come in various textures and can have veins of quartz or other rocks. The river rocks can be smooth or uneven depending on the frequency that they come in contact with water.
  • The sea pebbles or the river rocks are found in two locations. They are found near the beaches of oceans, seas, and inland where the ancient seas have retreated. Pebbles form in rivers also may travel to the sea. The color depends on the composition of the soil, the chemicals in the water, and the speed of the current.
  • The beaches, which are more plentiful, are found along the Pacific Ocean. The beach of Norwegian Sea in Europe is full of rocks and pebbles along the coast.

River rock is a popular material used for landscaping purpose. It comes in a great variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. It can be decorated with a variety of designs that you may prefer. River rocks are popularly used for decorative ground covers, material for walls, and to make walkways. The wellness centers for hot stone massages use them.

  • Granite is the common river rock used for decoration and landscaping. It is igneous rock formed under the surface of the earth as magma cooled off and get crystallized. Granite river rock might appear speckled due to rough minerals such as feldspar and quartz with which it is composed.
  • Basalt is another river rock formed when the lava gets cooled off above the earth’s surface. Basalt is used in the hot stone massages, as it can retain heat and because it has fine grains. As the basalt river rocks are smooth with a sophisticated appearance, they are also used for flower arrangements and meditation purpose.
  • Schist is a metamorphic rock formed due to extreme heat and pressure. They are rectangular in shape and come in shades of grey with smooth edges. In decoration, they give a natural look and are used extensively.

Various uses of river rocks

The smooth appearance of these river rocks has made them necessary for creating an aesthetically pleasing look for landscapes.

River rocks can be used in water fixtures, swimming pools, water fountains to provide a natural look and gives a feeling of being out in the wilderness.

Do it yourself

If you have any garden walls that need a natural look, a fireplace, a sidewalk or a path you can easily use river rocks for any landscapes. You can create a Japanese garden using the smaller size of river rocks in a color of variety. The uses of river rocks are versatile.

To summarise, it can be said that river rocks can provide an aesthetically pleasing look to your landscape. They are natural, not machine made, and are harvested close to home and match well with any pre-existing landscape.


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