List of Frequently Required Crane Accessories

Crane requires some attachments and accessories for proper functioning. Regular operations by cranes, especially in industrial settings result in wear and tear and even cause damage to many crane accessories. The cranes are required to be in operation consistently to prevent loss of productive hours. Many crane accessories are also required to do various kinds of operations. Thus, it is necessary that all new crane accessories are readily available for replacement in the event of malfunctioning or any other problem.

It is not difficult now to get crane accessories due to the abundance of companies dealing with crane accessories of all types. Some frequently required crane accessories have been discussed here.

Cranes Accessories
Cranes Accessories

# Brick forks: Brick forks are used to lift bricks and pallets and come with a spring-loaded lifting bracket. These forks are fitted to the cranes using front and rear mountings. Brick forks are available in various sizes. 

# Tongs: Tongs are designed to move a plethora of industrial loads. They come in various sizes, shapes, and weights. The tongs can also be specially designed for special operations. There are three types of tongs:

  • Supporting tongs –  It’s  used for containers, bins, crates, and boxes. The load is maintained in a horizontal plane by the lifting feet of the tong.
  • Pressure tongs – It’s used to handle bales, boxes, slabs, flat and round objects. These kinds of tongs hold the load by gripping the vertical sides. The pads on the pressure tongs generate friction to firmly hold the load during handling operations.
  • Gripping tongs – It’s used for cylindrical items such as pipes, tubes, ingots, rolls and many others. The tong operates by extending below and beyond the center of the load. This provides additional support to the load. 

# Self-discharging boat skips: The self-discharging boat skips are used for handling rubbles and other construction materials. These skips are provided with hinged reinforced bale arms and can be operated by the crane operator without needing the help of an assistant. 

# Crane rubber buffers: The rubber buffers are used to absorb force during impacts when a moving crane or trolley reaches the limit of its travel path or when two moving cranes or trolleys collide with each other. These safety buffers can be attached to the bridge, runway stop or trolley. 

# Limit switches: Limit switches provide safety to crane operations such as during the up-down, reverse-forward and left-right movements by allowing the operator to control these operations efficiently. A wide range of limit switches is available with different voltage specifications, operational speed, and operating temperatures. 

Cranes Accessories
Cranes Accessories

# Crane girders: Crane girders are beams of steel which are used to provide horizontal support to the cranes. Crane girders are manufactured by required spans. A crane girder is required to withstand severe stresses during lifting operations and must be in good condition at all the times. 

# Cable trolleys: Cable trolleys have many advantageous features such as skid-free, easy to install, adjustable torque, corrosion free, jerk-free movement and many others. These benefits are provided by many companies dealing in cranes accessories.

# Remote controls: Remote controls use radio waves to control crane operations. These are cordless, powerful and user-friendly devices which enable rapid crane operations. The remotes may use AA batteries and can last up to 4 months. The control distance varies with the design and model of the remote controls.

# Control panels: Control panel consists of electrical components that control the flow of power to and from the electrical motors of the crane. The Master switch, push button and levers feature in the control panel of a crane. The advent of the internet has made the search for suitable cranes accessories all the simpler. You can get prices, models, specifications and much more at different websites without any hassles.


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