GPS Vehicle Tracking – Choose One for Your Vehicle

A device that keeps track of the vehicle regardless of the person driving it, the location it is in, or the weather condition prevailing in that location. The hardware on the device uses the Global Positioning System. It also records the position of the vehicle in regular intervals and passes it on to a central system that can be governed by the owner of the vehicle.

GPS Vehicle Tracking
GPS Vehicle Tracking

The GPS vehicle tracking can be locally stored by the device or be sent over to a server with the software to decipher the data from the hardware. This transmission can be handled via various means. The use of satellites is the most common and tried and tested methods of all Radio and cell phone methods (GPRS). This information can be accessed real time or be later analyzed. A map could also be used to check, this method of systems is preferred for surveillance by police and telemetric for real time locating. The system was originally developed and controlled by the US Department of Defense. Now this GPS vehicle tracking system has arrived in the market for the multitudes to exploit it. Civilian use is mostly in the business area, at the same time there are regulatory guild lines that need to be considered.

There should be a reasonable business need to install a GPS vehicle tracking system. Businesses which would need a tracking system could be those that own and run cars and fleet of vehicles to meet business need. These would need such a tracking system to increase efficiency and earnings. Stolen vehicles also are another reasons for ensuring existing vehicles are fitted with GPS vehicle tracking.

Different Types of GPS Tracking System and their Benefits

  • Type of Tracking: There are several tracking systems available to choose from, the car navigation system is an outdoor portable unit, there is a GPS for marine use, like boats and other vessels. The GPS hybrid systems are those that make use of both the satellite as well as the GPRS systems. Choose the one that is the most appropriate for your vehicle type.
  • Voice Directions: GPS systems are enabled with voice commands to direct a user, post determining the current location of the device (in this case the vehicle the device is attached to) and heading towards the desired destination.
  • Real Time Tracking and Speed Monitoring: GPS can also track the speed limit of the vehicle and the average of speed too. This determines if there is a need to keep behavior in check and owners out of the trouble from the authorities. The ability to see real-time or visually identify the route ahead of time with the GPS vehicle tracking can enable better decision making. There are numerous benefits that you can get out of this simple yet efficient system.
Vehicle Tracking Devices
GPS Vehicle Tracking

Benefits of GPS Tracking

  • Reduced Fleet Size – If you are a ownership and are looking at lowering fleet size GPS is the way to go. You are in control of the distance, time and fuel that is used. Three factors directly impacting your business decisions.
  • Reduce Unnecessary Miles – The system reports and audits mileage driven by the vehicle, this way unwarranted travel is accounted for. The resultant report generation of miles and routes taken, would get a driver to reduce unnecessary miles.
  • Better Mileage – With the audio guidance of a GPS system, it not only allows tracking, but also provides the shortest route to a desired destination. Thereby increasing the mileage per gallon.
  • Reduce Insurance Costs – Insurance companies offer additional discounts on vehicles that are armed with GPS tracking system. Some companies are willing to offer up to 35% lower rates.
  • Happy Customers – Customers are delighted to know that they can track their delivery and know a sharper estimate of the time of arrival. This sole capability has changed the perception of the transport business.

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