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Different Uses of Exposed Concrete in Construction Processes

The exposed aggregate concrete is the latest architectural development in the flooring of the outdoor structures of any building, which is durable and lends a stylish look to the place as well. It is perfectly safe and comfortable to walk around over the exposed concrete flooring, as there is hardly any threat of slipping off on this textured surface. You can customize the designs of the exposed concrete, and be depending on the building structure or garden pathway that you have in your home, and it is also very easy to maintain this concrete.

Exposed Concrete
Exposed Concrete

Various outdoor areas where exposed concrete can be used 

  • If a building contains a swimming pool in the outdoor ground, it is better to cover the total area surrounding the pool with exposed aggregate concrete, so that no one can skid on this surface and accidentally fall into the pool, while walking around the pool side in the evenings.
  • Driveways and the floors of the garages are usually covered with slabs of gray or sober coloured exposed concrete so that the slow movements of the vehicles cannot create cracks or wreckage over the flooring of these areas. Moreover, the elegance of this type of concrete provides a higher impression to the guests about the house owner.
  • The garden pathways look wonderful with multicoloured floors of exposed aggregate concrete, which connect all parts of the outdoor areas in a more stylish manner. This type of flooring of the pavements or pathways is preferred also for its durability and lesser necessity of regular maintenance. These attractive concrete pavements are also seen in public parks, which are visited by numerous people and the pressure of so many footsteps cannot cause any damage to this hard wearing floor. These pavements are also highly popular in the compounds of large housing societies.
  • Some buildings may keep options for various types of outdoor entertainments and the floorings of these areas are preferably done with exposed aggregate concrete of attractive colours and textures. Moreover, the application of these concrete slabs saves from the severe damage of the floor surface.

Different techniques adopted for creating exposed concrete flooring 

  • Diamond polishing of the exposed aggregate concrete floors is done to render a smooth and shiny finish to the floor surface. It is accomplished by powdering the chosen types of concrete slabs into very fine particles, for which the diamond grinders are utilized that can finely crush even the hardest material.
  • Pan floated or levelled with a trowel is another popular technique for creating very even and brightly coloured exposed concrete floorings. In this process, the floor surface is floated with a pan floater and then trowelled repeatedly till the desired texture of the floors can be achieved. The difference in colours and textures of these floorings depend largely upon the amounts of concrete particles, sands and any other colouring pigments in thus concrete mixture.
Exposed Concrete
Exposed Concrete

What is the actual process of washing the exposed concrete with acid? 

  • The process of washing with acid is necessary for making textured floor surface, where the upper layer of the floor is purposely made a bit uneven by removing the smoother particles with this acid-wash. If thorough washing is not possible in an area, then the floor surface may be brushed or sprayed with acid for getting the required texture on that surface.
  • The use of certain surface retardants may also be effective in creating textured flooring in the outdoor areas. The specific areas of the floor are marked for applying the chemical retardant if some parts of the floor are needed to be kept in smoother condition.

Therefore, the uses of exposed aggregate concrete make a building very sophisticated in look and also increase its property value.


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