What is A Single Carport?

Single carports are also known as single wide carports. These are usually made up of metal and are designed in such a way that they can cover any kind of recreational vehicle like a boat, car, or a small truck from foreign elements. Most of the carport manufacturers in the various places call a 12 feet wide unit as a single carport. Even though these units start at 12 feet, some carports can be built as 8-feet and 17-feet wide.

Single Carport
Single Carport

How to Select the Right Kind of Carport?

Purchasing a carport is an excellent option for people who love to protect their cars or any other vehicle from bright sunlight, hail, snow, or strong winds. It is not every day that people place an order for a carport. Hence, possibly they might not know any of the features that need to be considered. Some of the most important factors that one needs to consider while making a purchase of carport are-

The Type of Vehicles Owned

There are different types of single carports available in the market. Each of the types is designed in such a way that they can shelter different types of vehicles. Some families might be happy with a carport that has a width of 8 feet, while some families might prefer a carport that is 17 feet wide. A regular carport in the market measuring 12 x 21 might be the most suitable for most of the vehicles at home. If the owner has some equipment and more trucks, he might look at purchasing more than two carports.

Future Considerations

Many of the experts in carports believe that the future plans of the owner should be considered before he makes a decision on buying a carport. These future plans might include consideration of buying more cars or vehicles, and moving to a new location. Based on the future, the owner can go about selecting the right kind of single carport and help in storing the car in a safe location.

The Weather

As the car owner is evaluating a single carport, he/she can consider the weather variations in that particular area where the individual is staying.

If the owner is staying in an area that experiences a lot of snowfall, he can opt for a vertically-styled roof. The vertical type of roof is advantageous because it allows the snow to freely slide down. If the customer is staying in an area that experiences regular hailstorms, then he/she should go a vertical roof that is integrated with a boxed eave. Overall, a single carport is an excellent product for purchase to protect vehicles from any kind of weather conditions.

Single Carport Melbourne
Single Carport

The Color Of The Carport

The roof of a single carport is usually made of steel. Hence, the user can either choose a zinc-type of look or a colored finish. Both these color choices are durable and highly reliable. The only difference between the two is the appearance and budget consideration. It is good to check with the local authorities before installing a carport. If the owner stays close to the airport, some council regulations might prohibit the user from using a zinc roof because the light might be reflected off it and the local air traffic might be disrupted.

After reading through the above-mentioned points, every car owner will understand the importance of a carport. Moreover, it increases the lifetime value of the car. There are many more benefits associated with a carport such as it helps in storing additional car-related equipment under the port. Overall, it is an advantageous addition to the homes with a car or any such vehicle.


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