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Aluminium Screen Doors – An Ideal Choice for Your Home

Aluminium screen doors are becoming more common and popular around the world, including rural, urban, and suburban areas. There are numerous good reasons to choose these doors for your home; they require minimal maintenance, highly durable and it is more cost-effective than steel and timber doors. In addition, these screen doors protect your home from bugs, insects, or any other unwanted external elements. The screen portion of aluminium doors are mainly designed using perforated aluminium, whereas stainless steel or iron is used for frame. Hence, these doors look attractive and an ideal choice for your home. There are numerous designs and styles available in this kind of screen doors and you can choose custom-made doors to match your needs.

You can search online for aluminium screen doors or visit any outlets in person. Make sure to take perfect measurement of your doorframe before placing your order. You can consult any professional if you need any help while ordering, they will visit your home, take measurement, and create screen doors according to your need. Make sure to ask quotes and compare price range among different companies. Also, make sure to check the locking system. If the company offers cheap or poor locking system, then it is better to avoid availing their service.

Aluminium Screen Doors
Aluminium Screen Doors

Benefits of Aluminium Screen Doors

  • Easy Maintenance: Low maintenance is one of the main benefits of aluminium screen doors. Aluminium that is used for doors usually undergoes a process called anodization. This way, aluminum components have a baked finish on to the materials. This allows for a rust-free aluminium doors. Repairing aluminium screen door is also simple. Many designs come with the finished screen rather than mesh screens. So, you can simply purchase a new finished screen rather than dismantling door and be replacing screen mesh. Moreover, aluminium doors are not susceptible to dampness or termite and they never require painting to maintain a new look. This saves you a lot of time, as well as money on purchasing paint and other supplies.
  • Energy Savings: People pay bulk amount for energy bills during summer, as they frequently switch-on fans, air-coolers, and air conditioning systems. Aluminium screen doors are best if you want to allow fresh air and natural sunlight inside your home and lessen energy bills. It keeps your home cool during summer.
  • Block Insects: Most of the insects and bugs spread infections and cause health issues. If you want to avoid this problem, aluminium screens are the best. They block mosquitoes or any other insects and save your family from illness, along with the controlled flow of air and light inside your home.
  • Affordable: Aluminum screen doors are less expensive than timber or stainless steel doors. With aluminum, you can save installation cost, as well as maintenance cost. So, this will save you a huge amount in the long run.
  • Offer Security: Installation of separate door for security purpose will result in additional expense. Apart from that, normal timber doors may fail to protect your home from thieves and break-ins. However, aluminium doors are strong, screens are made from high-quality materials, and these doors are difficult to cut and break.
  • Design Flexibility: Aluminium doors provide a wide-range of design flexibility. This allows for creating doors according to custom designs and specifications. You can enhance the aesthetic factor of your home by installing these screen doors, as they look more attractive and match any home décor.
  • Recyclable: Aluminum is one of the best environmental friendly metal. Recycling process requires only 5% of initial energy. This makes it stand out from any other door-screen materials.

All in all, heavy-duty aluminium screen doors are truly reliable and worth investing.


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