Important Things You Need To Know About Cardboard Cartons

Cardboard carton is a most widely used packaging solution in many industries. No matter how heavy or large the items are, cardboard cartons ensure safe storage and transportation. There are many varieties and types available in cardboard box, so it is important to know which size and type is most suitable to meet your needs before you make any purchase. Now, let’s see how to measure a cardboard box and what are the different types available.

Cardboard Cartons
Cardboard Cartons

Measuring a Cardboard Box:

Cartons are usually measured internally in length * width * height. In other words, longest side of the carton * shortest side of the carton * height of the carton. Always use tape to measure inside, not outside the carton. If you think it wouldn’t make much difference, then you’re wrong. On an average you might get 5-15mm difference.

Difference Between Single, Double, and Triple Wall Carton:

Single wall cardboard cartons are lighter and cost-effective in case you’re transporting items through post. These type of boxes are suitable for packaging and storing items.

Double wall cartons are mostly used for storage purposes as you can stack one box on the other for longer duration than single wall. Double wall cartons are strong and offer protection against crushing and hence, these are ideal for  shifting from one place to another.

Triple wall cardboard cartons are the strongest as they are created from heavy duty board. These cartons are cost-effective and easy to recycle. Triple wall boxes are growing rapidly in order to compete with conventional timber and plywood for heavy duty packaging.

Carton Boxes Melbourne
Cardboard Cartons

Top Benefits of Cardboard Cartons:

  • Protect Goods: Goods and product protection is one of the main aspects that we need to focus on when we choose the packaging solution. This will benefit your customers and you as well. When your goods are safeguarded from damage, you can avail full profit. Cardboard cartons can help sustain value of your goods from the packaging point, till they arrive at their final destination. Moreover, they are manufactured using top-quality, strong materials to withstand all kinds of pressure, collision, and corrosion.
  • Easy to Handle: If you’re looking for light-weight packaging boxes, then cardboard packaging cartons are the perfect choice. No matter, how thick the material is, they do not weigh much. This makes them easier to handle and transport from one point to the other.
  • Flexibility: Cardboard boxes are considered highly flexible because they can be cut to any size, shape, taped, glued, and stapled to join the corners. These boxes can be customized in many ways providing a chance to manufacturers to come up with the unique packaging design.
  • Affordable: Cost is one of the major factors that prevents business owners from choosing the right packaging solution that compliments their product. Cardboard cartons are highly affordable. Even if the business includes printing on the boxes, these boxes are ideal.
  • Recyclable: Cardboard is one among the most widely recycled materials so far. Moreover, they reduce the overall energy and resources required for manufacturing the material. Also, since these materials are biodegradable, they can be disposed sustainably and easily.
  • Reusable: Cardboard boxes have flexible corners, so that the box can be crumbled and reused before recycling. Most of the consumers and companies are promoting reusability as it reduces the overall cost by minimizing the need for buying new cartons.
  • Effective Marketing Tool: Cardboard cartons have better graphics and printing capabilities. They can be effectively used for brand awareness and product promotion.
  • Ease of Availability: Cardboard boxes are available in every corner of the world. Moreover, these cartons are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Also, you can get any type of design/prints of your choice.

So do consider these factors while buying cardboard cartons.


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