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Why Should Windows Be Replaced Before Selling House?

It is very important for the house owner to understand why exactly window replacement is required before a house is sold to someone else. Old windows usually let air escape and when compared to the new windows, these older ones cannot block the UV rays that increase the temperature in the house. Also, this results in an increase in the electricity consumed by home’s cooling and heating systems, which in turn increases the value of the energy bills.

Window Replacement

Top reasons for Window Replacement

#1. Cost of Window Replacement

  • One important point the house owner needs to understand is that the cost of window replacement is high. The cost of window replacement depends on the type of windows and the number of windows that are installed in the house.
  • Along with installation, the standard cost is $600/window. If the house has wood windows, then the cost of the window replacement will go up to $900/window. In addition to this, if the house owner needs the existing window and the frame needs to be removed before installing a new window, the house owner has to add $100 more per window to the total cost of the window.
  • Assuming that for an average-sized family, the house might contain 10 windows. Considering all of these the total cost of window replacement will work up to $7,000 to $10,000.

#2. Window Replacement ensures Potential Savings

If the window replacement goes on according to plan and the installation is efficient, the estimated cost savings per month goes up to 15% on energy bills along. If an average household spends close to $100 every month on the electricity bill, window replacement will reduce the bill value to $85. Hence, the total savings for the month is $15 or approximately $180 ever year.

#3. Window Replacement gives long-term benefits to the homeowner

  • Based on the calculation it is clear that the short-term savings is very low and the house owner has to be patient to see savings in the long-term. For people who are not patient with the savings, they can check the area of the windows to see if any spots have been missed or any signs of cracking can be seen.
  • If this is seen, then they can easily fix the existing windows by applying a layer of caulk to block all air leaks. One more method they can use is to use an energy efficient film to block out the UV rays and prevent excessive heating of the house.
  • These options are much less expensive that window replacement. However, these options do not increase the resale value of the house.

#4. Maintenance of the old windows is costlier and more time-consuming

Finally, the house owner should consider the maintenance of the newly installed windows. Some of these windows need to be painted regularly in order to avoid rotting in the future. If aluminum windows are used, the costs related to maintenance gradually increases. Sometimes a full replacement might not be necessary as well. The decorator of the house can look at either replacing only the trim and use the existing windows or use the existing rim and replace the existing windows with a new set of windows.

Window Replacement

One more important point to remember is that the color of the windows should be matched to the color of the house. Choosing the wrong colored windows results in decreasing the overall resale value of the house. Also, the odd colors make the house an odd sight for the eyes. There are many window replacement services available in the market, and after comparing their facilities, features, and prices, you can consult them for the window replacement of your home or office.


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