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What Are The 6 Major Benefits of Stainless Steel Handrails?

When installing staircase at your office or home, the one element that you need to consider carefully are handrails. The handrail acts as a form of safety mechanism while using the stairs and they have even become a legal requirement. However, there is one huge problem i.e. there are so many options to choose from and each one of them appears to be just the same. In such a scenario, which one will turn out to be the perfect pick?
Stainless Steel Handrails
Stainless Steel Handrails

Well, out of the myriads of options available in the market, the one that remains to be one of the best-selling is stainless steel handrails. The question remains the same- why go for stainless over other options? This is where the 6 major advantages of these handrails make their way, wondering what they are and why are they so important, read on to find out more!

6 Major Benefits of Stainless Steel Handrails

#1. Durability: When it comes to the selection of best handrails, then durability becomes paramount because strong and sustainable materials are crucial considering the safety aspect. Stainless steel can serve the purpose, because it is one of the strongest and most durable materials of all-time. Its tensile strength makes it effective than wooden handrails and further it is moisture and corrosion proof, which means, they can survive the environmental conditions that prevail outdoors. Thus, the durability of handrails made from stainless steel is due to:

  • Corrosion Resistance (keeps its appeal new for years to come)
  • Little or no maintenance required, and
  • High tensile-strength

#2. Modern Appeal: Stainless steel brings a combination of elegance with modernity, because of which it blends with the beauty of any décor phenomenally. Besides the modernistic appeal, stainless steel handrails can be customized for a contemporary or rustic look. So that, they synchronize with the theme of your home. For instance, if the structural design of your house is inspired from the mid 80s then you can consider opting for conventional styled handrails that complement the design of the space. 

Stainless Steel Handrails
Stainless Steel Handrails

#3. Economical: The durability and high-quality of stainless steel handrails make it an economical option over its alternatives. Each penny that you spend will always be worth it, as they are a form of one-time investment that will not require any form of finishing or replacement in the long run. Moreover, their aesthetic appeal is maintained even when they are exposed to unpredictable climatic conditions such as heavy rain, snow, or wind. Just a wipe of damp micro-fibre cloth is more than enough to remove the accumulated dust, grime, and debris from the handrails. 

#4. Variety of Designs: Other than blending with the style of your home, these handrails are available in an array of designs. Giving you, the opportunity to choose something that not only personifies the theme of the home but your requirements, as well. In fact, just as the style, you can customize the design of the handrails by adding a bit of floral touch, elegant vibes, or any other potential idea of your choice. 

#5. Availability: Due to the rising demand of stainless steel handrails, many companies have made their way to online platform. With this, you can explore the wide range of designs, styles, and much more at the convenience of your home. This saves both time and effort needed for the selection of the best handrails. 

#6. Hassle-Free Maintenance: The last and the most important advantage of these handrails is that you will never have to worry about their care or maintenance because little maintenance is more than enough to restore their durability and appeal.

Thus, these six factors are enough to describe the advantages of stainless steel handrails.


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