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Some Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning System

The air conditioning system has existed for many years. The wealthy citizens used to use the air conditioners in the previous days for comfort purposes. But nowadays it is not the case. The air conditioning system has become a necessity. The system works with a basic concept and there is a chemical which is called as refrigerant is a mixture used in a refrigeration cycle to cool products. This is used from inside of a house to the outside and back again. It is done to absorb as well as cast out heat in the process. The refrigerant first cools and then re-enters the home starting with a new cycle.

There are four major parts in an air conditioning system. The one is the condenser that facilitates the transfer of heat. The second one is the evaporator that receives the liquid refrigerant. The expansion valve is another part that regulates the refrigerant flow into the evaporator as well as the compressor that works as a pump to pressurize the refrigerant. The other components are the fan that blows air over the chilled coils and the motor as well as the air filters. The dirt and debris are collected in the air filter and the thermostat, this helps to monitor and regulate the air temperature.

Cool Facts About Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
  • Today the best way to beat the summer heat is to use the air conditioner. The first time when it was designed was not for comfort but to control humidity. It was used for certain purposes like the ink to dry faster.
  • The movie theaters were another thing that attracted people towards air conditioning system. People used to flock to theaters to see the movies during summers. They started feeling much better when they were the theaters.
  • The invention of medicines for deadly diseases was another reason for the popularity of air conditioners. This is because these drugs were supposed to be under controlled temperature conditions. These medicines required cold storage. The medicines were thus created for the cure of deadly diseases under air conditioning system. This enhanced the life expectancy of people.
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
  • There were changes in the home-scape soon with the advent of air conditioners. In the olden times, the homes and buildings were designed to ensure proper ventilation. But when AC became compulsory the construction ideas of the buildings also changed completely.
  • Initially, ice slabs were used to cool buildings that might today sound very strange. But this was the way people used to combat the heat. But gradually when the air conditioner was invented, the people were astonished to find the machine that will cool the environment.
  • It was first used in the industries and explained that it was a system to control humidity as well as temperature. As a result, the productivity improved and also the quality of products improved.

The air conditioning system will work for many years only if it is maintained. The regular maintenance like cleaning and changing of filters is of prime importance. If this is not done then the air flow will decrease and the system will not perform efficiently. It is always essential to keep an eye on the obstructions in the system; this is because it might affect the inner workings of the unit. It is only possible for an experienced and trained technician to fix the issues when your AC stops working due to the blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. The smooth functioning of the thermostat is equally important. A number of cooling decreases due to various reasons. It may happen that the evaporator is dirty or there is a blockage in the condenser unit. The air conditioning system is a boon to everyone, especially during summers.


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