A Look into The Various Aspects of a Mechanic

Without the presence of mechanics, it is difficult to think about the well being of our vehicles. Auto mechanics take proper care of vehicles; not just of the internal parts but also of the external body. There are many types of services provided by the mechanics right from its servicing to its repairing. But, it is important to mention that different mechanics perform different jobs, and hence one should hire a car mechanic based on his area of expertise.

If we talk about the major difference between mechanics then they can be classified into two sections- the mechanics who deal with the servicing and repairing of vehicle’s electrical and mechanical parts, and the ones who repair the body parts of the vehicle. Knowing about the types of mechanics can be helpful in finding and hiring the right one for your car. So, look below and get more informed.


Know About the Types Before You Hire a Mechanic

  • Service Mechanics – These mechanics are the ones who perform routine servicing related tasks, such as, checking the level of oil and other fluids in the engine. If the quality of the oil has degraded then it is the onus of the service technicians to replace them. In addition, they also analyze the performance of the fuel and ignition system to make sure that its reliability and fuel efficiency remain for a long run.
  • Diagnostic Mechanics – Like the name suggest, these technicians carry the responsibility of performing a thorough diagnosis of the vehicle. Yes, there are some similarities between the job responsibilities of a service technician and diagnostic technician. The diagnostic mechanics are capable of handling various kinds of tools, which allow them to diagnose issues related to ignition, engine management systems, electrical, etc. So, these mechanics are more skilled when it comes to dealing with the complex aspects of automotive systems.
  • Brake and Transmission Mechanics – There is no doubt that the braking system of any vehicle holds tremendous importance from the safety and driving experience aspect. Hence, it is vital that the car mechanic who handles the checking and repairing of the braking system should have good amount of knowledge about the various parts and components. Likewise, the technician should also know how to keep up the efficiency of the steering and power train components of the vehicle. Most importantly, these mechanics are well trained in dealing with the electronics system associated with the 4WD systems.
  • Body Repair Mechanics – With the passage of time, the body components lose their shape and shine. Parts like headlights, fenders, panels, etc. often get damaged over time. So, to replace them in the perfect way, it is vital that the technician should have all the required skills, he should use his best judgment to figure out if the damaged parts really need to be replaced or they can be repaired. Also, these mechanics deal with cosmetic repairs.

Hence, these are some of the major types of mechanics you should know about. In addition to them, you can also get in touch with vehicle inspectors, vehicle refinishers, etc. before you handover your vehicle to a mechanic to ensure that the mechanic is a certified and has good amount of experience, particularly in dealing with the brand to which your car belongs.

There are many ways to find out about the skills and reputation of a mechanics. You can ask for recommendations from your friends and experts online and can also check out the portfolio on their website.


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