Plastic Pallets Touches Your Everyday Life

Things have come to the point that some way or the other our lives are made comfortable by plastic pallets. Be it the milk packets that are delivered to your neighbourhood cold storage or the computer component you ordered online.

  • Plastic pallets help transports materials by helping in space efficiency and in durability. Plastic pallets are designed to hold the predetermined materials by taking as little space possible.
  • These palettes will have an appropriate design to help them be stacked one over the other as well have spaces in strategic places to help hold the palette, to move from one place to another. Being made of durable plastic, they can be reused for many months.
  • The raw material used for making pallets is basically recycled plastic. Plastic pallets can be made in any shape, size, or design and thousands of the same type can be manufactured with cost per piece being cheaper if more number of pieces are ordered.
Plastic Pallets

Some of the other advantages of plastic pallets are

  • They do not absorb water and increase total weight.
  • All pieces will have consistent dimensional accuracy.
  • They are impervious to acids, fats, and solvents.
  • They are not affected by mold or fungus.
  • These pallets can withstand heat or cold treatments or fumigation.
  • Do not break apart like wood when handling.
  • The plastic pallets can have company logo or name imprinted on it and helps with branding.

Let us have a look at the most common type of pallets that are available

#1. Injection molded pallets

All high-performance pallets are usually injection molded. Injection molding is done using high-quality reprocessed resin. Injection molding is expensive, but it allows a higher number of pallets to be made in a short time. Therefore, when you order a large number of pieces, you ultimately get it a cheaper price per unit. The other advantage of injection molded pallets is that it offers quality dimensions and high impact resistance while transportation.

#2. Roto-molded pallets

Roto-molded pallets are single piece pallets made of low-density polyethene. These are ideal for pharma and food industries.

#3. Spill containment pallets

These pallets are used to transport various types of containers carrying liquids. These pallets have reservoirs below the packing level so that any spillage from the containers get collected in the pallet reservoir and keep the containers clean without any scope for any rejection during the inspection.

#4. Palletized boxes

These are larger kit crates, which are used to packing a larger number of small-sized goods, like fruits or machinery components, which can be stacked in it in a very orderly fashion.

#5. Palletized cages and containers

These pallets are used in places where all the materials loaded into the pallet can be viewed from outside for ease of identifying its location. These are used in pharma and healthcare industries.

#6. Pallet sleeve systems

These pallets have collapsible walls that fold and have a top and mirrored bottom that makes a tightly closed box when correctly assembled. Saves space for return transportation.

Few other commonly used pallets are:

  • Steel reinforced plastic pallet
  • Anti-skid pallet
  • Two-way pallet
  • Four-way pallet
  • Industrial pallet
Plastic Pallets

Why are plastic pallets better than the timber pallets?

There are multiple reasons why plastic pallets are considered more beneficial than the timber pallets. Wood can decay and rot over time, and wood does not have much longevity. Wood can be damaged due to water retention, so in case you want wooden pallets, you need to keep them dry all the time. There are many plastic pallet suppliers available in the market, and you can contact them to get the best quality pallets at an affordable price.


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