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The Working of Solar Power Systems and Reasons to Get One Installed in Your Home

Energy conservation is one of the major concerns of today’s world. It is known to all that renewable energy is the only way of the future and the non-renewable sources are depleting at a rapid pace. Also, as these non-renewable sources make the earth prone to pollution, climate change, and health issues, there is a dire need of finding a replacement of these polluting fuels. Solar energy is the most evolving source of renewable energy. The benefits of solar energy are, with advancing technology, efforts are being made to make such products that can help increase the usage of solar energy in households and replace the conventional modes of energy. One of the prominent inventions in this category is getting a solar system installation on the rooftops of houses.

Solar System Installation
Solar System Installation

How does a solar system function once its installation is complete?

A home equipped with solar energy has solar panels on the roof to collect the sun’s rays. The functioning of the solar system is pretty simple and can be explained in a few steps:

  • The sun’s photons are collected through solar panels fixed on the roofs.
  • When these light photons hit the solar panels which are made up of crystalline silicon, polysilicon or monocrystalline silicon which can respond to the impact of a photon by releasing electrons, a direct current electric field is generated.
  • An inverter attached to the panel collects the direct current and converts it to alternating current so that the power can be used by home appliances and systems.
  • This alternating current is then routed through the home’s switchboard to supply electricity.
  • In case there is an excess of electricity, it is stored in batteries connected to the system and this stored electricity supplies the appliances at night when there is no sunlight.
  • If there is not enough solar energy to power the whole home, electricity can be imported from the electrical grid, or power can be pulled from the batteries that were attached during the solar system installation for the purpose of storing the excess generated power for future use.

Below are all the benefits getting a solar system installation in homes:

  • Lots of profits in the long run: Solar system installations are just one time investments. Though the installation cost is high, the payback period is short as well. So, after the payback period is over, you are practically getting free energy. That is a lot of profit as your utility bill goes down drastically.
  • Low maintenance costs: The cost of solar panels is sure to burn a hole in your pocket. But there are no hidden maintenance costs later on. The solar panel providers give you a warranty of about 25 years. The panels have a long life and so do all the other components of the solar system. So, you do not have to worry about any type of maintenance costs once the whole system is installed.
Solar System Installation
Solar System Installation
  • Uninterrupted power: As explained above, you can always draw power from the electrical grid when the production of electricity is not enough in the case of lack of sunlight as well as there is stored power in batteries. Thus, you have 2 backup options and thus you can get uninterrupted supply of power.
  • Your little contribution towards green earth: By not using conventionally produced electricity, you are doing your bit in the conservation of the non-renewable energy sources. Also, as the non-renewable fuels give out CO2as a by-product while generating electricity, you can reduce your carbon footprints by getting solar system installations in your homes.

There are several states all over the world which provide incentives if you are using solar energy for power generation in order to promote the usage of renewable sources of energy. The above-listed benefits are enough to convince you to invest in home solar system installations and thus create a greener earth for future generations.


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