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Give A Trendy Look to Your Bathroom Using Shower Screens

Bathrooms have gained the required importance with the passing of time. It is no longer a place where you rush into to have your shower and make a quiet exit. This is a place where you can bask in the luxury and relax undisturbed after a long day at work. Keeping this in mind, you need to look for the bathroom accessories which are trendy, modern and speak of your style. You can turn this into a ‘classy’ place where you look forward to your shower. Choosing a shower screen should be given an equal amount of attention for that look you desire. You have a choice between the walk-in shower screens, four-panel shower screens, glass shower screens and more.

Shower Screens

For that perfect look in your bathroom, it is advisable to opt for shower screens keeping the factors listed below in mind.

#1. Available space in your Bathroom

Check out whether you require a shower screen for the shower room which is separate or one which is enclosed in your bathroom. Consider not only the size of your bathroom but also the height before you decide on a specific shower screen. An ill-fitting one which is either too large or too small can ruin the utility as well as the aesthetics.

#2. The Multiple options offered

Glass shower screen not only enhancing the total look of your bathroom but offers a spacious look and feel to it. Glass shower screens are available in different types.

  • Fully Framed: These shower screens tend to be robust. Available in two designs which are the door with panels which slide and the pivot door. These can be chosen in accordance with your requirement. Fully framed shower screens are well supported. This allows configurations of different designs. Each panel of glass in these screens is braced.
  • Semi-frameless: As compared to the fully framed shower screens, these screens are framed in a manner which is less conspicuous. Ideal for all types of bathroom, as these have a slim line frame. Opting for these types of shower screens you tend to pay much less as compared to the frameless ones.  These fit well within most budgets. These are also easy to clean and maintain.
  • Frameless: Choosing the frameless ones you are spared of grime and dirt being accumulated. There are available with rubber seals or are totally frameless. For a more of an elegant look, it is advisable to spend that wee bit extra and opt for the frameless shower screens of glass. 
Shower Screens

#3. Benefits of opting for Shower Screens

Besides being able to offer a ‘wow’ look to your bathroom these shower screens can add to your comfort. These work like doors with that special feel when you enter the shower. The shower screens also protect your bathroom from getting wet. You can look forward to a dry bathroom even when you step out after a shower. Shower screens limit water splashed while bathing to that limited area. The area outside of the screen is largely protected from the soapy foam and oils. This saves the tile and wall outside the shower from being dirtied and extends their life, saves on maintenance. The moisture created by the shower area is the main contributor to moulds in the corners and in the wooden article inside the bathroom.  Shower screens help keep the area outside the screen dry.

#4. Choosing the Shower Screens

Consider the design and style of your bathroom before you choose a specific shower screen. There is a wide range of designs and colours available in this. Besides which you also have options like the glass shower screens and the ones made of other materials. To make your search easy, you can check out the different websites offering these online. Compare the different prices quoted before you think of ordering one. A well-reputed company who has been in this business for a long period of time can offer you the multiple choices. Think of asking friends and relatives of reputed manufacturers who provide quality shower screens.


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