8 Reasons to Get a Mattress Protector

Where and how you sleep is as essential as getting sleep itself. So, it is necessary to ensure that you have the right bed and mattress set up. But a comfortable mattress is not enough. Mattress protectors have become a trend and are used extensively to shield the mattresses. Many people suggest that a mattress protector is just an accessory. But experts suggest that it is extremely essential that one uses a mattress protector over any mattress. Above that, getting pillow protectors along with is a good idea as well. There are a number of various types of mattress protectors manufactured by different companies but they all serve the same purpose. They are designed in various sizes to fit different mattresses and made of different materials to suit the needs of every consumer. If you are debating whether to get a mattress protector or not for covering your mattresses, take a look at its benefits and then take a well-informed decision.

Mattress Protector
Mattress Protector
  1. Protects the mattress and extends its life: The mattress is prone to a lot of external damaging factors during its daily usage. A mattress protector shields it from all those factors and thus improves its durability.
  1. Protects the mattress from moisture:  Your body releases sweat, shed skin cells and secretes oil and moisture during sleep. All this moisture and waste gets accumulated in your mattress and in turn, makes it dirty and more prone to dust mites. A mattress protector acts as a shield in this. It absorbs the sweat and moisture and prevents waste materials from seeping into the mattress.
  1. Reduces wear and tear of the mattress: The mattress, if used without a mattress protector tends to suffer a wear and tear due to regular friction. This has adverse effects on the lifespan of the mattress. Instead, a mattress protector improves its longevity and keeps it in good shape and condition.
  1. Prevents bacteria and bed bugs from penetrating the mattress: You may not know how prone your mattress is to bacteria. Imagine you coming home from work and lying down on the bed. There is so much dust and maybe several bacteria on your clothes due the surroundings you have been in. All this seeps into the mattress and may breed more. This may make you prone to diseases. A mattress protector can be regularly changed and washed. So, this possibility is eliminated.
  1. Provides extra comfort: The mattress may be soft and comfortable but a mattress protector can make it even more comfortable.
Mattress Protector
Mattress Protector
  1. Shields the mattress from stains: Spilled wine on your bed and now you have a permanent mark? Or spilled water on the mattress and had to go through the long process of drying the whole mattress? You must have lost count of how many times that has happened. To avoid this, use a mattress protector which is easily washable and thus serves you double purposes.
  1. A mattress protector is easy to wash and launder than mattress: Mattress protectors are lightweight and soft. Thus, you need not worry about lifting heavy mattresses. You can just pull out the mattress protector from over the mattress and just wash it with the laundry.
  1. Keeps away the dust as well as the dust mites from the mattress: You may not have any idea about the amount of accumulation of dust mites in your mattress. The dust mites feed on dead skin cells and may cause a lot of allergies. If you have a mattress protector, they defend your mattress from the dust mites as well as their droppings.

All these benefits are worth all the money you spend for a mattress protector. We spend a third of our lives sleeping so why not ensure that we are sleeping healthy.


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