Things to Know Before You Design Gravestone for Your Pet

In the case of a pet, lighting a funeral pyre is a weird way to dispose of the dead body. Cremation is a popular alternative way that involves the incineration of dead animal’s remains. It is regarded as the most environmentally friendly and cost effective method. This unique way of saying goodbye to the dead has been followed since ancient times. You can dispose of the ashes of your pet in many ways. They can be buried with a gravestone positioned above. So, the family gets a proper space to gather and mourn. 

Why design a gravestone for your pet?


If you have or had a pet, you realize that pets are not mere animals. They are like your family members. They provide companionship and unconditional love. When they die, many people break down in their grief. They find hard to accept the loss. However, there are many ways through which you can shower your love on them. A popular way to do it is by designing a customized gravestone where it is buried. 

You can never forget the date when your pet came in your life and share your loneliness. Similarly, it is hard to forget the day when it left you forever. Mourning can be done in a memorable way before the gravestone. It can be designed with a picture of your pet, a memorial date with its name and even a nice quote dedicated to your loving pet.

A time may come when you miss your pet too much. You can visit the gravestone and spend some time there and overcome your grief. You can even celebrate the birthday of your darling pet by decorating the place.

Quick tips for designing a gravestone: 

Pets are the most beloved members and cherished companions of your life. Hence, bidding farewell to your beloved friend is not the right way to return their unconditional love. It is essential to memorialize their life. There are several ways to preserve unforgettable and valuable memories of joy that they bring to your life. You can take help of a gravestone to honor and remember your lost companion.

Here is a quick list of important aspects you need to consider while designing a gravestone for your dear pet. 

  • It should reflect the life of your deceased pet. You must seek a natural looking memorial with a personalized design.
  • It should be made up of good quality materials to endure the test of time.
  • If it is bought from an online shop, you must choose your style, size, and shape.
  • You must not purchase something that is pricey in rate and inferior in quality.
  • Before you make any final decision, you must determine the measurements of the location where you will put the gravestone.
  • The structure that you design in your lifetime should remain in good condition generation after generation.

Important considerations for designing a gravestone:

Designing Gravestone

1) Types: There are many different types of a gravestone that you can use to represent the personality of your deceased pet. The common types found these days are headstones, obelisk, ledger slab, flat tablet, desk tablet etc.

2) Materials: It is essential to choose the material as it determines the style and durability of your gravestone. Marble, bronze, limestone and granite are the popular materials in cemeteries and churchyards. Some are expensive while others are cheaper.

3) Finishes: The bronze and granite products are easy to maintain. They last long with little care and attention. After selecting the material, you need to choose a finish. You may choose from polished, pitched, part polished and honed.


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