Why Dental Implants Works the Best

While you may get hundreds of advice on making up for your tooth loss, you will always have the liberty to make your choice irrespective of what the dentist and the good wishers say. To make your choice, you must read a lot of the current traditional ways of wearing the false tooth. This will help you weigh the pros and cons of procedures to understand which one would be suitable for you in all ways. Here is an overview of why dental implants are considered the best treatment for tooth replacement in modern dentistry. This will help you understand the proper benefits of implants over the conventional dental replacement treatments.

Why dental implants are successful and promising

Dental Implants
Dental Implants Treatment

Dental implants are successful in most cases and promise excellent oral health and hygiene once the gum heals after surgery. And here are why dental implants are so good:

  • The material used in dental implants is Titanium. Titanium is non-reactive and can fuse with the bone in a few months’ time. The platinum made post works as the dental root and dentist plants it inside the jaw bone. Depending on the age and few other factors, the titanium post fuses with the jaw bone within a time of 2 to 6 months. Once you have attained this stage; you have an implant which is as good as the bone and is strong enough to take full pressure and force as in the case of a healthy normal tooth.
  • Since implants are rooted inside the bone and not on the soft gum tissue only, they are very strong, and yet do not cause sore spots and infections in the gum as is in the case of dentures and bridges.
  • Once fitted, the implants can never come out on their own with chewing, talking, coughing or sneezing, etc., as the surgery permanently roots the post into the jaw bone.
  • The crown or dental bridge fitted over the implant can take the full pressure of chewing and biting activities.
  • Once the gum tissue heals after surgery, you need to take little care of your implanted tooth, and the different in oral care and hygiene between the healthy tooth and implanted tooth is barely any.
  • The jawbone is not affected by implants unlike dentures and bridges without implants.
  • The look of a dental implant is by far the most natural compared to other dental replacements like bridges and dentures.
  • With implants, you need not visit a dentist for checkups or chronic problems, the issue with fittings of the crown, etc., which happens with other modes of treatment.

Why bear the cost of dental implants?

Dental Implants
Dental Implants Cost

As you can see that the numbers of benefits with dental implants are good enough to outnumber the advantages with other dental replacement methods, you may feel inclined to go for implants.  However, there is a factor which may refrain you from taking the decision at once, and that is the cost factor.

Yes, it’s true that dental implants are the costliest of all treatments. And many people take the final decision after a lot of thinking and budgeting. But then again when you foresee the advantage of never seeing the dentist again periodically and continuing your future years normally without any significant problem with the implant, you would see that you would actually be saving yourself from much physical and mental agony, harassment, and recurrent dentists fees too!

To beat this cost factor, as most medical insurances do not cover dental treatments you may get a dental bridge anchored on implants for cost-effective treatment or may find treatment at a place which offers low-cost packages.


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