Extend The Life Of Your Appliance Tips From A Commercial Refrigeration Service

Commercial refrigeration is an essential appliance for your shop and without it business cannot run. But you may find some difficulty in your commercial refrigerator after a certain time because the cooling coil, motor, units, gaskets, door hinges and locks get affected due to constant use. In this case, it is suggested to consult commercial refrigeration specialists, to repair the appliance properly. They can fix the problem and they also provide you the limited warranty on their work.

Commercial Refrigeration Services

Tips from the commercial refrigeration services: how would you maintain the refrigeration?

  • Clean the condenser coil: The condenser coil is designed with coolers, freezers and other components. This is the main heat exchange unit of your commercial refrigeration system. You need to clean the condenser coil after a certain timeframe; otherwise it will lead you to some expensive repairing in future. Damage and un-cleaned condenser coil will affect the compressor, fan, motor and it can also burn the refrigerator wiring and thermostat. It is suggested to clean the condenser coil every after six months, and if you use the commercial refrigerator inside your kitchen, then you need to clean it every month. In this case, some technicians just clean the condenser coil with brushes which is unprofessional. You need to degrease the base and clean the coil from inside. It is better to hire some reputed commercial refrigeration services to do this task, as they will dismantle the unit and clean it in a proper way.
  • Clean units: To maintain the condenser coil of your commercial refrigeration, it is important to clean the units of the condenser. Most of the commercial kitchens have a small space, and it is important to install the refrigerator in a proper space where air can freely move through the condenser. It will maintain the refrigeration in a proper manner, and it will help you decrease your electricity bill. It is suggested not to install the commercial refrigerator under the bar or inside the cabinet. Airflow is necessary to maintain the cooling system of your refrigeration, and you need to install the refrigerator in a free space.
  • Gaskets: Gasket is placed in at the door of your commercial refrigeration system, and it is important to maintain the gasket to keep the right temperature of your refrigerator. You need to ensure the gasket must stick on the door, and it should be in a tight contact with the refrigerator. You should check the tears, magnetic strips and rips of gasket on a regular basis. If you find any problem in your gaskets, then you should replace it immediately, because faulty gaskets can increase your power consumption bill, and they will damage your cooling system suddenly.
Commercial Refrigeration Services
  • Door, hinges and closure of the refrigeration system: Most of the commercial refrigeration services systems have spring cartridges which assist you in closing the door. Large size commercial freezers may have a hydraulic door closure system. Chef and the employees may forget to close the door of the refrigerator due to heavy work pressure. In this regard, you need to check the automatic door closing system of your refrigerator after a certain time, and if you find any difficulty in this system and hinges, then you should replace the same immediately. If you do not close the door of your refrigerator properly, then it will lead to extra electric consumption bill, and it will damage the evaporator coils of your machine.

So now you need to maintain your commercial refrigeration system in a proper manner, and for this, you need to consult with some commercial refrigeration services.


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