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New techniques used by professional plumber for unblocking drains

Blocked drains can become a critical issue and the only way to get out of it is to call the professionals. As they expertise in this area, therefore, they will be able to resolve the problem. The plumbers have a deep knowledge of the different techniques used for unblocking drains. Therefore, you can look forward to get excellent results. Once the plumbers inspect the drain properly, they will opt for the suitable cleaning method that will not only clean the drain, but also make sure such problems never arise again. That is why, it become important to hire a good plumber only for this work.

How drains are inspected?

Unblocking Drains
Unblocking Drains

Before any method is used for cleaning the drains, the first step is to inspect the drains. This is done through a special camera, which captures the image of the drains and the pipe. It let you know what is wrong. Earlier, such a technique was not available. Therefore, plumbers used to use the hit and trial method to clean the drains, but today, this camera really proves to be a superb option, as the root cause can be identified in no time. Thus, when you know the root it is quite easy to take the decision, as which technique will be the best suited and apt for the drain.

The professional plumber employs a variety of techniques for unblocking drains. Some of them are given below.

  • Power rodding

The very first and highly useful technique for cleaning the blocked drains is power rodding. The best thing about this technique is the efficiency achieved through it. No matter, how much blocked the drain is, rodding will definitely prove beneficial in ensuring the drain is cleaned completely. A thin cable is attached to a pipe and the same is inserted into the drain to reach the main area. This pipe is connected to the motor and the other end has sharp blades, which clean the drain once the motor is started. The blockage starts converting into the liquid flowing out of the drain easily.

  • Hydro jetting

The other method used for the blocked drains is hydro jetting. As the name indicates, in this type of cleaning high amount of pressure is applied, so that the clog can be cleaned in an easy manner. When you talk about its effectiveness, it is just the best and is a much quicker and easy too. This technique is not used for drain cleaning, but pipes as well, which do not allow water to pass or when something get blocked into them. With high pressure, it becomes easy to clean off everything and that too in just a few minutes. It is one of the finest and newest technologies, which is employed by the plumbers, so that they are able to get rid of the blocked drains. The professionals put on the machine and a high pressure of running water is fed into the drain so that it clears the clog, which finally passes through and cleans the drain properly. The high pressure has the ability to cut anything even the roots of the tree, which means that it is definitely a great technique to use for blocked drains.

Nevertheless, this requires a lot of specialization and that is why you need to hire an expert only, as they can help you in every possible way. As they have used the methods, several times, there are high chances that things will be under control. Hence, you can look forward to top-notch services from their end. So, hire a professional plumber only and enjoy superior services.



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