How to Choose the Correct Brake Rotors Which Will be Best for Your Car?

While selecting a brand-new car, people are always fascinated only by its performance or incredible speed at which it will be able to travel, but they often overlook an important aspect that is its brake. Despite being one of the most crucial components of the car many owners have little or no knowledge about its type and the number of discs or the rotors installed in them. In such cases, choosing new brake rotors can turn out to be a troublesome task, however, this article is here to help you through.

Remember, the type of rotor that your car require must be based on two important factors:

  • The type of vehicle that you own (performance, model, and design)
  • The way you drive it (terrains on which you drive, speed and so on)

Before focusing on how to determine the ideal rotors, let’s know more about its functions and why is it an essential component of the brake system.

What is the function of brake rotors?

Brake Rotors
Function of Brake Rotors

The brake pads are clamped onto the rotors or the disc, where nuts hold the rotors attached with a wheel-to-wheel junction. The moment when pressure is applied onto rotors, it stops the wheels and prevents them from spinning which means that they are equally important as the brake pads.

There are a few decisions that you will have to take while choosing rotors for your car and these are:

  • Which material will turn out to be the suitable one?
  • Do you want slotted or drilled rotors?
  • Do you want vented or non-vented rotors?
  • Do you want the rotors to undergo cryogenic treatment or not?

Usually, the rotors are crafted from cast iron because it is able to disperse the heat at a much better pace when compared to any other material. On the other hand, the high-performing and racing cars often make use of reinforced carbon rotors as they require high-temperature to be effective, and thus it may not turn out to be the right option for average cars. In addition to that, high-performance vehicles even use ceramic brake rotors which are light in weight and most importantly are stable at any temperature or speeds.

Which Brake Rotors Are the Best for Your Car?

To determine the best rotors for your car you have to examine the design of the present rotor and the way it has sustained your usage. For instance, if you are satisfied with the performance of the slotted rotor that is installed in the car then you can opt for the same, however, if you are looking for something that is able to withstand extreme temperature and high speed then cross drilled can do the trick.

Keep Yourself Protected from Brake Fade

Brake Rotors
Protect Your Car from Brake Fade

 Brake fade is a condition that occurs when you travel long distances or carry heavy loads in the car and drive at a high speed. This can take place in any form of vehicle that utilizes friction based brake system and this happens, due to the build-up of heat at the drums which sinks the brake rotors and vents more heat into them. To avoid this, take these steps:

  • Replace the rotors only with high-quality ones that are designed for your car.
  • Look for the green fade, as it takes place when the resin present in brakes starts to evaporate. At this point, you must be vigilant about the functioning of the system.
  • When you use the brakes first tap it instead of applying sudden pressure on it.
  • Check the brake fluids frequently and change them at least once in a year.

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