Old age dental problems that a Dentist Can Help you with

Dental problems are quite common among people of all ages. Imagine the world with no dentist. People would live with so much pain and discomfort. The dentist is medical professionals who practice in the field of dentistry. This field involves getting familiar with the areas of your mouth, gums, teeth and related areas. The main function of the dentist is to maintain the oral health of the patient. The common job function includes filling the tooth which has a cavity, carrying out surgical methods for tooth extraction, polishing and cleaning the teeth. A good dental doctor will advise their patients to take proper care of their teeth by brushing them regularly and getting routine check-ups done in order to avoid any future problems.

Dental problems are faced by every individual irrespective of their age or gender. Old age people, for example, require extra care than the young people. People fail to realize that choosing a dentist for an old age adult is as important as choosing one for their children. Teeth are sensitive issues, one shouldn’t neglect them as they cause a lot of pain and suffering later on. There are millions of people in the United States who fall in the age bracket of 50 and above. The dental problem continues to grow among these people. Sons and daughters who are on the look-out for dental professional should choose the service of a geriatric dentist. These dentists have their expertise in treating old age people who have oral problems.


The common dental problems that old age people face at the age of 50 can be stated as follows

Tooth Decay – People who grow old have this common issue where their teeth get weak and begin to decay. The life expectancy of your teeth depends on how well you take care of them. As you age the gums start getting weaker which makes the tooth to fall. In order to avoid such conditions, one can ask their doctors for fluoride prescription gel.

Dry Mouth – Your saliva is the reason you don’t have tooth decay problems. People who are on medications do not produce enough saliva which paves a way for your tooth to decay. As they age their medication increases and mouth gets drier. The common symptoms of dry mouth are dry throat, having difficulty in swallowing, dry lips and a sticky feeling inside the mouth. Your saliva consists of phosphate and calcium which are the essential things to prevent demineralization in your tooth. In order to produce enough saliva, people should start drinking water on a regular basis and there are sugar-free xylitol chewing gums available in the market which is another alternative.

Disease of Gums – If you ever find that your bums are bleeding, or are red, then perhaps you may be suffering from gingivitis. This is the initial stage of the gum disease and can prove to be dangerous if the treatment is prolonged or not treated at the right stage. In the worst scenarios, they also result in the loss of your jaw bone and eventually your entire set of teeth. To avoid such issues monthly check up is recommended so that your teeth could be cleaned and germs won’t set in.

Oral Cancer – Oral cancer is caused by over smoking and over drinking. These are the most common factor why patients suffer from oral cancer. Another factor is the chewing of tobacco, which should be avoided at any cost. They also make the teeth brittle and cause gum problems. People should avoid above mentioned things. They harm in the overall development of the teeth. Cancer should be detected in its initial stage to avoid any loss of life.

The other two being tooth crowding and Clenching which both result in serious pain and tooth decay problems. The remedy for tooth crowding is setting up braces in your mouth so that it remains intact. For Clenching your dentist will recommend you night guard which acts as a protection for your teeth while you sleep.


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