How to Buy Sheepskin Slippers Online the Easy Way?

How do you pamper your feet once you are back home from a day of hard work, especially during winters? The answer is simple. You slip some slippers over your feet, wiggle your toes and feel pampered. You can pick leather slippers or fabric slippers, and silk slippers offer you a luxurious and soft feel. Leather can be hard and it may not warm your feet sufficiently to give you a nice feel. There are people who will do with velvet or canvas slippers as well. After all, it is just footwear. Even in the world of slippers, some types do stand out and these are genuine sheepskin slippers. It comes in such a huge variety that picking one right option can be tricky enough.

Sheepskin Slippers

Types of sheepskin slippers: British, Australian, New Zealand

If you are thinking of buying sheepskin slippers online then naturally it makes sense to source them from countries known for sheep farming. If you live in England then you may find locally made sheepskin slippers which are a better alternative in terms of variety and prices. You can get men’s slippers, women’s slippers and a variety of sheepskin products from British manufacturers. The skin is soft and interiors of the slipper are fleece for that warm, snug, comforting feel.

Australian and New Zealand sheepskin fleece is known for sumptuously luxurious feel. You can even get medical sheepskin slippers with soft sole, a collar of fleece around the rim and soft fleece lining inside. Then you have the plain sheepskin suede moccasins with inner fleece lining. There are also slipper socks made of sheepskin. They roll up like socks and can be carried in your hand bag. If you wish to keep your ankles warm then you can use ankle warmer slippers. Women adore sheepskin for the warmth and luxurious comfort. Kids love them and men find them quite comforting.

Points to look for when buying online

  • Size

Sheepskin is soft and stretches with use. Therefore when you buy from a reputed online supplier of sheepskin slippers, it is important to specify your size. The supplier will supply slippers that feel quite snug and even a bit tight in the beginning but they will stretch and become more comfortable with use.

Sheepskin Slippers
  • Buy only from a sheepskin products manufacturer

It would be a good idea to buy from an exclusive sheepskin slippers manufacturer instead of a general shoe manufacturer. The specialists in manufacturing sheepskin slippers know everything about it – right from the suitable material, durability and comfort to being a perfect fit. Some British makers use genuine toscana lamb sheepskin which has long and tactile wool and is silky to the touch and quite warm. You can just as well buy Australian made slippers made of merino sheep wool with its characteristic fleece. If you want slippers that stretch and provide a snug fit then pick slippers made of geelong lamb wool. Also, shetland sheep wool is soft and crimpy. Then there are other special varieties of wool such as mohair from Angora goat which is known for its light weight, luster and warmth. Cashmere can be the most prized one, known for its exquisitely soft and warm feel.

  • Returns

If you can get a manufacturer to make a custom pair for you then it is great. However, if you are buying ready to use sizes, pick an online slipper store that has free returns and replacement or refund facility.

Make sure you remember the above points when you are buying a pair of sheepskin slippers for yourself. Enjoy the comfort and stay relaxed by wearing it!


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