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What Are the Advantages of Foam Rendering Your House?

Be it providing structural integrity to the roof or protecting the home from external climate; wall serves a wide range of applications. This is the reason why more and more homeowners are looking for different ways to preserve its strength and enhance the durability to a greater extent. One such option is foam rendering which offers optimal support to the brick walls, keeping them the way they are for generations to come. People choose the foam rendering for their existing house because it can prevent noise pollution and it also provides you excellent insulation system. Apart from that, you may spend huge electricity bill every month because a huge amount of air entering through the cracks, and the holes in your exterior walls. In this case, you can install some foam rendering and it will block the exterior unwanted air, dust and it will maintain the humidity level of your house.

Foam Rendering
Foam Rendering for Your Home

What are the advantages of foam rendering?

The advantages for rendered foam walls are not only limited to durability, rather there is more to them. This article will explain some of the exceptional benefits of having your walls rendered with foam and the difference that they can create to your property.

  1. Acts as An Insulator

Foam renders made from polyurethane which are about three inches thick have the ability to insulate the home efficiently. This reduces the chances of energy loss that occurs from the walls and thus decreases the heating and cooling demands. In addition to that, the insulator even absorbs unwanted sound ensuring that they do not enter indoors, allowing you to cherish a calm, peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

  1. Comes with Energy Ratings

A major advantage of using foam rendered walls is that you can use materials that have been graded to optimize the energy performance. Such a thing may not be possible when you count on any other alternatives. With this, you can particularly choose the renders with preferable ratings and keep the home efficient for a long period of time. This makes it an easy and economic way to save energy.

  1. Provides Amazing Finish

When you have a look at the exterior walls of the house then what does come to your mind? Is there something missing or do you feel that the colors are mismatched? Well, all of these miseries can come to an end with the right touch of rendering. This is because foam renders are available in several designs, styles, and colors, giving you the opportunity to choose the one that is suitable for your home and thus have the uniform and attractive walls.

Foam Rendering
Foam Rendering
  1. Easy to Install & Maintain

One of the best benefits of foam rendering is that they are relatively easier to install and maintain. This is because such renders are manufactured as per the dimensions of the wall and then placed onto them using the minimal equipment. This keeps the beauty intact and ensures any sort of faults is rectified on-time.

  1. Affordable & A Long-Time Investment

The advantages that you are going to receive from foam rendered walls make it an affordable choice when compared to others. Moreover, the expense that you pay is only a form of long-term investment that is going to save you from unwanted repairs, replacement or frequent maintenance of the walls.

So, whether you want to secure your home or are planning to take its aesthetic appeal to the next level; no matter what your requirements are, there cannot be a better choice than form rendering the exterior walls. This can even help you achieve maximum value of the property if you are planning to sell it in the near future.


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