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Renovate Your Kitchen with Floating Floors

Kitchens are supposed to be functional and practical. As there are multiple options available in flooring these days, choosing the right one becomes inevitable. It is a floor which is not only practical but also can make a statement of your individual style. A kitchen is that place of a house which cannot be overlooked when you have planned the renovation of your entire home.  Floating floors tend to float on the existing floor rather than being integrated or fixed.

Benefits of Floating Floors:

Floating Timber Floors
Kitchen with Floating Floors

There are many advantages of installing floating floors in your kitchen. Some of which are listed below.

#1. Looks considered:

This flooring plan offers a ‘classy’ and elegant look. Timber has an ageless beauty and tends to blend well with different types of surroundings and interiors. You must not take tension as far as the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen is concerned as floating timber floors looks mind-blowing.

#2. Investment on a Long-term Basis:

Timber is a durable material and investing in timber floors assures long life of the same. Needless to say, spending money after floating timber floors offers you with a reason to relax as your money is going to a right place. There is no requirement of any replacement for years at a stretch unless you get bored of the same. Opting for timber flooring plan adds value to your property and avoids major expenses after the renovation of a floor.

#3. Different Styles and Colors:

With multiple options, available in the colors and styles, it gets easier to find one which can blend well with the interiors of your home. The kitchen tends to look an important part of your home with these timber floating floors.

#4. Healthier Option:

By choosing timber for the floating floors in your kitchen you know you have made a ‘healthy’ choice. With no grout lines, fibers or any type of embossing there is no allergens and dust getting accumulated?

#5. Ageless:

Timber is one of those rarest materials which never loses its charm. The other floors begin to appear dull and dusky after a specific period of time, but it is not the same with timber floating floors.

#6. Easy to install:

Floating floors do not require much of an effort for the installation process. Traditional timber floors require fixing by professionals. Floating floors can be installed by the homeowner themselves as it requires only the basic tools. Also, the installation process of floating floors causes less of noise and disruption.

Floating Timber Floors
Floating Floors Installation

#7. Easy on the Budget:

Timber is an expensive material. While timber floating floors works out as an affordable option for every homeowner. You can look forward to all the benefits provided by timber with this timber floating floors but at a lesser cost.

#8. Flexibility:

The floating timber floors are installed with a specific gap for expansion in the perimeter. It means, the material can expand or contract in accordance with the weather conditions. It is due to this factor that these floorings work well for kitchens. A floating floor, once installed, acts as one unit.

#9. Opting for Timber Floating Floors:

Before opting for these flooring systems make an effort of getting the right measurements of the kitchen floor. This gives a fair idea to the manufacturer about the number of planks required. Timber floating floors should be chosen from a manufacturer who has a good reputation. It ensures high quality of the material. If not too sure about the installation, you can seek professional help. The job done by professionals is always up to the mark as they are well-trained and aware of the right technique of the installation. Check out more than one manufacturer before you choose one.


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