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Get rid of sewer problem with help of the experienced plumber

Bathrooms are prone to all kinds of odor, but one of the foulest one is the sewer smell. Most homeowners are confused about this smell and do not understand the root cause of this. Professional plumbers, understanding the plumbing system of a home can solve this problem with ease. You need to know that these smells are unhealthy and if left unattended tend to cause health problems. You need to be aware that this smell can also lead to poisoning. Getting this fixed immediately is very essential and it can be very embarrassing if a visitor to your home gets a whiff of it.

The Check of the Source of the Sewer Smell:

Drain Pipe Repair

An experience plumber will first detect the source of this foul smell. Most often this is due to an ill-fitting, missing or even a loose sewer trap plug. The first place to be checked is the access pit of the sewer. The U-shaped house trap can retain water at the bottom. This tends to work as a barrier for the gases from the city sewer. In case of improper sealing you have the sewer gases escaping from this. An experienced plumber will probably replace these caps with new ones.

Loose and Cracked Pipes:

The plumber will inspect all the pipes leading to your bathroom for any loose fixtures or broken pipes. This might be one of the causes of the sewer smell. The pipe either needs to be replaced or repaired depending on the extent of damage.

Clogs are one Cause:

Ask the plumber to check for clogs. Most of us tend to take this lightly. You need to be aware that this is one problem which needs to be checked immediately.. If the sink or the drainage in your bathroom is clogged it requires a thorough cleaning, which can be done by using drain cleaners. In case of stubborn clogging, the plumber will handle this. The pipe will be dismantled and cleaned if need be.

Required Vents or Traps:

The lack of the required vents or traps can also cause the sewer smell. A plumber will ensure that each pipe fixture has a vent pipe so that no smells enter your home. You can get these installed and get rid of the smell.

A Dry Trap:

All the drains leading to a sewer have a pipe which is “P” shaped. This trap works as a seal to keep out the odor. In case the drain on the basement floor is not constantly used, the water tends to evaporate and the seal tends to get eliminated. This leads to the foul smell in your bathroom.

Leaks can cause the Sewer Smell:

Any leak in the vents of this system in plumbing or even one at the fixtures can be the cause of the smell entering your home. A professional plumber can check all the faucets, vents and traps for corrosion, loose fittings or even holes in the pipes.

How to Choose an Apt Plumber:


Before you opt for specific plumbers ensure that he is able to handle this specific problem. All plumbers are specialized in different jobs. An experienced and well-reputed plumbing company tends to be ideal for any plumbing problem. Finding them is easy as you can ask around. Friends and relatives can give you references of experienced plumbers. You also have the option of checking online where details of most plumbing agencies are listed. Compare the prices quoted by the agencies and select one that suits you the best and get this problem of the sewer smell sorted out. Ensure this is done on a war footing. You should not waste time sitting over a ‘dirty problem’ like a sewer smell.


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