The 5 Main Components Of Car Air Conditioning Systems

Automotive AC is one of the most luxurious accessories of cars as comfortable travel. You can now enjoy outstanding cooling effects while traveling especially during summer seasons. Inner auto-temperature can be efficiently controlled by means of this cooling device. During the hottest phases of summer, you cannot travel without an air conditioned car, but you can find serious difficulty in your car air conditioning system during the summer season only. This happens because you use the car air conditioner for maximum time during this season, and the compressor and condenser of your car air conditioner cannot be adjusted with the certain gear up uses. So in this regards, you can check your air conditioner before summer arrives, and you can replace your old condenser, filter and compressor of your car air conditioner if required.

Car Air Conditioning

Primary components of automotive air conditioner:

  • Compressors: If you are intending to receive a nice effect from car air conditioning then healthy compressors should be installed. These components are the major parts that are responsible for improved functioning of the cooling device. Towards front part of vehicles, you will get these components and the refrigerant is put under pressure as a result of these components. The compressor is the main component of your car air conditioner which will generate cool air. and inside the compressor the gas is regulated under certain pressure to generate cool temperature. So you need to check the compressor and repair the compressor and fill the gas in the car air conditioner’s tank.
  • Condensers: Gas-movements can be controlled by these components and this is why they are so very important. Improved car air conditioning can be promoted with the effective usage of these components. Heated-up gasses are being converted into liquids and this is how cooling temperature can be controlled with ease. In this way, internal heat is being removed with chilled waves.
  • Evaporators: The refrigerant is being pulled within the vacuum for cooling up the gas. This process needs to be continued in a consistent manner so that cool air movements can be continued continuously without any hindrances. These evaporators should be serviced on a frequent note as they are quite prone towards different kinds of damages. They are quite delicate in nature and thus they need to be maintained carefully all the time. If the evaporator is unable to work properly then you can find the hot air flow inside your car, because the compressor will connect the heat from the outside and generate the heat through the evaporator directly.
Car Air Conditioning

What are the additional features of an automotive air conditioning system?

Thermal expansion valve plays the most important role in car air conditioning. In fact, conversion of hot-air into the chilled air can be managed or controlled by means of this special valve. High-pressure is being changed to low-pressure and this is how heated air is being removed with cold ones. Conversion procedure of air can be easily promoted by this valve.

  • System moisture can be completely removed by this specific component. If this component is not present then ice-crystals might get formed and these crystals would have damaged or blocked air-conditioning units at the end of the day.
  • The process of air-conditioning can be simplified and continued in the long run by using this component. The air-conditioning unit can be protected against different unwanted damages if this component remains in proper condition.

Apart from these components, all other components are not that very important as they are not being linked or connected directly with the process of car air conditioning. But when you find some difficulty in your car’s air conditioner, then you need to contact with your nearest service centre to fix the problems.


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