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How Do You Maintain The Safety Measurement For Roller Doors?

Roller doors are perfect for garages. They fold into a neat and compact box at the top of the door and allow maximum use of space. They are perfect for narrow openings where there is not much space on either side to accommodate sliding doors or space at the top inside for sectional overhead doors. Automated roller doors are even better. You can operate the automatic roller doors with a remote control system only. Apart from the garage, people are also installing the roller doors at their main entrance. The main cause for choosing roller doors is safety, security, durability and easy to maintain facility. Most of these doors are made with aluminum, rust iron, alloy and steel. So it is hard to break these doors and you can easily maintain these doors in a normal way. These materials do not get affected by rust, dust and tear.

Safety features of roller doors

Whether it is manual or automated, roller door repair is a prime requirement of which users must be fully aware. It is important to keep checking the doors at regular intervals to ensure performance is not compromised.

  • A roller door comprises of horizontal slats hinged together and attached to a roller tube to which is attached a spring mechanism. The spring may be spring wire or flat spring in coiled form. The hinged slats travel in a guide rail or track.
  • Motorised roller doors incorporate a motor that works on DC or AC with suitable control circuitry.
  • Motorised units may incorporate additional important safety features such as limit switches to switch on or off the motor and reverse direction. You need to keep these motors clean and you may require to apply some oil and grease on these motor after certain timeframe.
  • An obstruction sensor is indispensable. This may be in the form of infra red beams. If there is an object that breaks the beam then the door automatically stops and reverses direction.
Roller Door Repair

Checking safety features

  • One of the design features of manual roller doors is that if you push it up, it should roll all the way up into the box. Some doors are designed that they retract fully only when pushed past a certain point. It is the same when you pull down the roller door to close it. Either way, it pays to check at regular intervals. Try to operate the roller doors for frequent times and find the operational problems. If you find any block and frictions then you need to change the springs of the doors.
  • Automated roller door safety features such as limit switches, limit switches and spring loaded switches are all susceptible to malfunction. Check that these are functioning. Press limit switch and observe movement of roller doors and check that the motor starts and stops depending on whether the top or bottom switch is pressed. Check the optical sensors, clean them, and check their functioning by blocking the light path.
  • Roller doors must also have a safety feature that gets them to stop closing when they collide against something in their path because optical sensors may not cover the entire field. Your roller door repair should have such a system. Check by inserting an obstruction in its path when it is moving down.

Not just human life is at risk due to roller door malfunctions. Malfunction could result in motor heating up and burning out as well as wear and tear of parts. Regular checks of roller door safety features, preferably once a month, ensures that any such issues are detected and taken care of before a serious problem develops.


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