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Everything You Need to Know About Leaking Pipes

With the passing of time, pipe repair will work out to be more effective as there is no digging or replacement involved.  Relining of pipes works out as a cost-effective solution, which is reliable and long lasting.  This method ensures the repair of a damaged pipe from within the pipe itself. An internal liner which is strong is inserted in the existing pipe using the latest technology. This method can repair pipes which are infested, broken, cracked or even pipes which have specific sections missing. Horizontal, vertical and even concealed pipes can be repaired using this technique.

Causes of Leakage in Pipes

Pipe Leakage
Pipe Leakage

Some of the causes of leaking pipes are

  • Corrosion of Pipes: with the passing of time you have corrosion taking place in the pipes. This can lead to leakages which might turn into a major problem in the future. Getting this repaired by relining can save you replacement costs, time, and labor.
  • Water Pressure: A high water pressure can also be another cause to damage your pipe, which in turn causes leakage. This pressure leads to strain on the joints as well as the pipe structure. Water pressure is also one cause for the pipes bursting.
  • Shifts in Foundation: Over a period of time most of the homes experience a small shift in the foundation. Major adjustments are faced by the water systems due to this. This can lead to the rupture of the pipes, pipe joints loosening, or they might even get disconnected.
  • Changes in Temperature: With extreme changes in the temperature you find many pipes developing cracks and leaking.
  • Roots of the trees: Minor leaks in the joints will moisten the surrounding soil and tree roots find their way in through these small leaks.  The roots of these trees tend to find a way to enter the pipes and create block later.

Damaged caused by Leaking Pipes:

Leaking pipes, if left unattended, can lead to major problems. Besides flooding of the indoors, these leaks can cause molding. Molding is more under the sinks or even on the walls. This tends to grow with the sufficient moisture provided. Water becomes stagnant between walls which leads to paint peeling off when building structure sucks up moisture and later compromise the strength of the building structure itself.

Damaged pipes can lead to major problems like the wall perishing. This can reduce the pressure of water you get in the faucets, showers or any other plumbing fixture. In short, they tend to lead to a big financial loss if left unattended.

Simple Solution on a Temporary Basis:

Till the time you opt for the pipe relining in case of any damage, you can opt for simple solutions. This helps in stopping the leakage of pipes for some time.

1. Pipe Clamps can be used to stop leakage for a short time. These are sturdy and durable.

2. The use of Epoxy compounds on the pipes made of cast iron is another way you can put a stop to the leakage for a short time.

3. Tighten the leaks using a rubber connector for the joints.

4. Pipe wraps which are available in most of the hardware stores can patch a leak by hardening around the pipe.

5. Similar to clamps, you can think of opting for the repair sleeves which tend to be strong enough to stop the leak.

Pipe Relining Services:

Pipe Relining Services

Once you have managed to stop the leak on a temporary basis, it is advisable to look for the pipe relining services. This is a permanent solution for pipe leakages. You need to check out the reputation and the experience of the company offering these services. 


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